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Access Free WiFi inside bank

June 30, 2020

Sometimes we face problems when we forget to carry some of our important documents with us and need right then for proceed and submission. During our visit to banks, different government offices, airport, hotels, wherever we stand or go, we want to be connected to internet for messaging, keeping in touch with family and friends and to be informed. Not only cell phone calls and messages are enough for us. Its good to see Wi-Fi for connectivity in public places and a kind of happiness evolves in us.

Not all these places have been provided with Free Wi-Fi. And talking about banks they are supposed to be set up for profits and competitive to breaking their highest records.

During a visit to Sunrise bank with its beautiful interior and colourful walls, everyone’s eyes will capture a sticker on banks interior wall. Yes, Sunrise Bank has provided Free Wi-Fi to its branches.  This eases banks clients and costumers. Some people forget their citizenship necessary for their identity. So many people had to waste their day and wait for the next day banking hour due to inaccessible easy transportation to different long distances and villages. Now, people are able to contact their members and ask for the photo scans of the documents they need, one of the bank staff in Budhibajar shares hence there is no hassles and waste of people’s time. So, that is something more to be appreciated including its services. May be Sunrise bank becomes the first bank to provide Free Wi-Fi  to its costumers.

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